Bringing piracy
in Bittorrent under your control

A cloud-based solution for content owners that helps to discover digital content distribution on Bittorrent, prevent illegal downloads and bring torrent consumers to legal store.
Pirate Pay monitors all Bittorrent activity 24x7 worldwide,
gathering valuable insights on user's preferences in movies, video games, music and all other digital content.
The film's release protection
A few days before the movie's release, a high quality digital copy was leaked from a post-production studio.
Up to 2 million download attempts were recorded in the three weeks following the leak.
Pirate Pay Solution
We activated our first leak search system for the movie 14 days before the official release date. On the same day that the unauthorized copy appeared in torrent distributions, we identified and suspended several distributions.
Know-how technology isolates every peer in the selected torrent swarms from each other, making the obtain of content nearly impossible and forcing pirates to terminate download.
Unique online ads solution
allows to show highly selected offers to users who download your content in Bittorrent, turning them into paying customers.
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